This week in the Netherlands – Chopper down

Netherlands Apache Down
Netherlands Apache Down

Chopper down
AN APACHE helicopter crashed into an electricity transmission tower and high-voltage cables this week, before making an emergency landing near Zoelmond, Gelderland. Nobody was injured but roughly 24 thousand customers were left without power in the region.

Huge cocaine haul
THREE men aged 50, 48 and 43 were arrested in connection with the discovery of 600 kilograms of cocaine in a warehouse on Vrij Harnasch in Den Hoorn, just west of Delft, Zuid-Holland last Friday. The cocaine, discovered as the result of an ongoing investigation, will be destroyed.

I repeat
A MAN convicted of killing his girlfriend and the rape and murder of her daughter was re-sentenced by a court in Leeuwarden in Friesland on Monday. He was again told he will spend thirty years in a psychiatric prison facility with involuntary treatment.

Accomplice level
A DUTCH female jihad suspect was sentenced to two years in prison by a Rotterdam court on Monday. Although she was found not guilty of being a member of ISIS, the court declared her culpable as an accomplice because she knew that her husband was being trained by the group.

Student surge
THE NETHERLANDS has seen a massive surge in the number of international higher education students, with over 80 thousand enrolled at Dutch universities during the 2016-2017 academic year. This figure is double the number of foreign students in the country just ten years ago.

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