Three common winter beauty problems, solved!

Three common winter beauty problems, solved

Chapped lips

Make sure you always keep your lips hydrated with water. People will often lick their lips to hydrate them, which is actually a bad idea as it just makes the lips drier. Saliva contains amylase and maltase – digestive enzymes that can make the lips thin, making them susceptible to dry air and eventually leaving them dry and chapped. Use lip balm or petroleum jelly to prevent this happening.

Puffy and tired eyes

Winter can also be harmful to the eyes, especially in the thin layer of skin just under the eyes. To help relieve dark, puffy and tired eyes, you can use natural eye cream. You also need to drink plenty of water and exercise regularly to boost blood circulation to brighten your eyes.

Damaged locks

Hair can suffer from dullness, breakage and flaky and dry scalp in the winter. Don’t shampoo your hair every day but do not miss using conditioner daily. This will allow natural oil to moisturise your hair. Also, let your hair dry naturally and do not go outside while your hair is wet. Brush your hair just enough not to make it thin and fragile.

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