Two children saved in one day

FAST ACTION: Two children end up in hospital after separate incidents Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Benejuzar

LOCAL POLICE officers based in Orihuela had to rescue a toddler who had caught his hand in a lift.

The incident happened in a building in the Ocarasa area of Orhuela and emergency services responded to the alarm being raised at 4pm.  At the scene, they discovered a two-year-old boy who was trapped and needed to use a crowbar to free him from his ordeal.  After his release, paramedics treated the patient at the scene that was later taken to the Vega Baja Hospital where he had minor contusions and a few cuts dressed.

At almost the same time, a fast intervention from the same local police force is believed to have saved the life of a four-year-old girl.

The young girl was out enjoying the day with her parents in the street when all of a sudden she suffered difficulty in breathing and went into convulsions.  The parents managed to catch the attention of a passing police car, and they quickly bundled the girl into the back of the vehicle and rushed her to the nearest health centre.  This enabled her to be stabilised until an SAMU emergency ambulance arrived to transfer her to the Vega Baja Hospital.  The medical team at the hospital praised the actions of the local police which, they say, was the key to the young girl’s recovery.

The young boy and girl involved in both incidents were both declared to be out of danger.

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