Two saved in Malaga house fire

Two saved in Malaga house fire

FIREFIGHTERS have rescued two people from a blaze on Malaga’s Calle Jacinto Benavente.

Neither victim required hospital treatment but one was treated at the scene for mild smoke poisoning while the other was treated for anxiety.

The fire started at 1.50am on the first floor of a building.  Firefighters evacuated the occupants and dealt with the blaze which caused considerable damage to the roof.  According to fire services, hundreds of book and videotapes in the home fuelled the fire, leading to extensive damage.

Despite the cooler temperatures, the Costa del Sol is still suffering from a series of house fires.  Last month an 87-year-old man died after his home caught fire in Torremolinos.

Two others were affected by the blaze, with one 77-year-old woman remaining in a serious condition in hospital suffering from burns and smoke inhalation.

Firefighters attended the fire after several neighbours raised the alarm at around 9am.  Finding the apartment’s doorway blocked, the rescue workers were forced to smash a window to gain entry.   Inside they found a 77-year-old woman lying on the floor conscious and moved her to an ambulance.  Searching the property’s rooms, firemen found the breathing but unconscious 87-year-old man lying in bed.  Paramedics performed CPR before transferring the man to the Carlos Haya Hospital where he later died.

One Local Police officer was also received medical attention after suffering from smoke inhalation and dizziness when National and Local police went to the property to cordon off the area.  The 43-year-old officer was helping workers when he began to feel it, according to media reports.

Firefighters told one publication the blaze originated from one of the property’s rooms although they are still uncertain what caused the fire.  According to the firemen involved, although the flames were small, the cloud of smoke “was very wide and dense.”  Police are now investigating the cause of the fire.

Nine firefighters carried out the rescue operation, using two vehicles and a long-length ladder to extinguish the fire.

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