Unspeakable animal cruelty uncovered in Elche

Unspeakable animal cruelty uncovered

LOCAL POLICE in Elche have had to intervene in a case of alleged animal abuse on a farm in Daimés.

Residents alerted the authorities and when they arrived found two dogs – a German Shepherd and a Labrador – showing signs of severe malnutrition which backed up the complaints made by the locals.  The police immediately tried to contact the owners of the farm and requested they return there as soon as possible. In the meantime, authorities took the dogs to the municipal vet to give them a thorough examination and treat them as required.

Once the owners arrived to join the police officers, they made a detailed inspection of the farmhouse where they found two other small dogs.  Both were dead and in a poor state of decomposition found in a space full of excrement which gave off an appalling smell.  According to the owners, they had requested that the dogs be removed after they’d died but since they couldn’t afford the costs they left them to rot.  The vet inspecting the current conditions immediately ordered the removal of the remains.

Animal authorities were quick to praise the concern shown and the eventual alerting of the police by the local people that in their opinion undoubtedly saved the lives of the two malnourished dogs found alive.

This is the second reported case of animal abuse in the space of just a few days.  Local police were called to try to find the person responsible for leaving sausages around the streets of Los Arenales that contained nails.  Two dogs had to undergo life saving emergency surgery.

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