Virtually invisible hearing aid with directional microphone

Virtually invisible hearing aid with directional microphone

THE way our ears and our hearing perform is an amazing process. To put it simply, for our ears to receive sound, the sound  travels down our ear canal, through the middle ear and into the cochlea. The way our ears and our hearing perform is an amazing process.

To put it simply, for our ears to receive sound, the sound  travels down our ear canal, through the middle ear and into the cochlea. The cochlea is a portion of the inner ear that looks like a snail shell (cochlea is Greek for snail.) The cochlea is filled with a watery liquid, the perilymph, which moves in response to the vibrations coming from the middle ear which causes the small hair cells inside to move to the different frequencies.

These signals are then sent to the brain, which subsequently decodes the incoming messages and makes sense of them. When we have normal hearing, our brain routinely filters out the background noise and other non-important information to allow us to focus on speech and other important signals. However, this process can be a more problematic for someone with hearing loss.

Due to the damage to the tiny hair cells in the ear, people with hearing loss have a harder time distinguishing speech when they are in a noisy environment and more often, they will also find loud noise uncomfortable. Nowadays, hearing aid advancement means that hearing loss sufferers need suffer no more.

At Apple Hearing & Healthcare, we are proud to introduce a virtually invisible hearing aid with directional microphone. With our extensive product knowledge in the industry and by working closely with major UK hearing aid manufacturers, we can offer our customers the latest product available in the market. This virtually invisible hearing aid enables you to hear more effectively and most importantly, more discreetly, in a noisy environment.

If you suffer from this problem and dread going out to social gatherings, why not come in to our hearing test centres either in Ciudad Quesada or Benidorm to benefit from our FREE, NO OBLIGATION hearing test.

We offer flexible appointments to our clients and, for those with reduced mobility, we can arrange home visits which cover the whole of Costa Blanca region. In most cases, we can guarantee your hearing will improve significantly. We pride ourselves in providing the best after care service which means that our relationship with our customers does not end at the point of sale, but we strive to continue taking care of the servicing, testing and repairing of the hearing aids as and when necessary.

We are on hand to make sure you are satisfied with the aids and our life-long 6-monthly check up will also ensure you are kept updated with the latest technology and servicing of your aids. On our new, improved website –, booking online for a test could not be easier.

Or if you prefer, drop in at one of our centres or give Apple Hearing & Healthcare a call on 965 020 813 and check out how improved hearing can contribute to a happier and more fulfilled life. You might surprise yourself at how much it might benefit you and the people around you.

CIUDAD QUESADA HEARING TEST CENTRE:Calle de Los Arcos 5, Ciudad Quesada, 03170 ALICANTE Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 14:00

BENIDORM HEARING TEST CENTRE: Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa 7, Local 4, Benidorm, 03503 ALICANTE Opening Times: Monday to Friday 10:00 – 14:00 Tel: 965 020 813 Email:

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