What a catch for Torrevieja’s fishermen!

LARGE HAUL: 13,000 kilos of dorada landed in one day. Photo credit: Wikimedia

TORREVIEJA’S fishermen celebrated a spectacular catch of 13,000 kilos of the popular dorada fish in one day.   The 1,946 boxes of fish were sold at auction for €3 a kilo.

The dorada – known by the British as the sea bream – arrived in substantial amounts in the port and is usual for this time of the year when the sea temperatures drop.  The reduction has been more noticeable this season when those recorded for November fell significantly following the unseasonably high sea temperatures that often reached 20ºC during the month of October.  The fish naturally approach the areas of the coast with the warmer waters, and in this case the Mar Menor and those close to Torrevieja provided the perfect home as the sea remained warmer for longer than usual.

Torrevieja’s Fishermen’s Guild and the port of Torrevieja is appreciative of the popularity with many of the fishing fleets from other areas due to its location and thus attracts numerous boats from municipalities such as San Pedro del Pinatar, Águilas or Mazarrón.  They occasionally dock from as far away as Almeria, Carboneras and Vera knowing that their catches will attract good prices and quick and efficient distribution

The large fishing pier and dock offers everything an arriving fishing fleet needs, and at its busiest can handle 30 boats at any one time.

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