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ORDER: SOTP sign goes viral and makes Torrevieja famous Photo credit: Twitter @OcioDM

RESIDENTS of Torrevieja and drivers passing through the area had to look twice as they approached one of the junctions in the municipality.

Smiles, which turned to laughter for many, and embarrassment to the council happened as a result of a major road marking failure at the point where Calle Terremoto meets Calle La Loma.   During a repainting of the large STOP sign, the order became SOTP instead.  The council said that they were quickly made aware of what had happened and the lettering had been restored to the correct order within a couple of days.

It’s not yet been disclosed where the finger has been pointed to, although it’s either the company contracted to carry out the markings or one of the municipal employees.  Whoever it is, they have become famous locally, nationally and across the world as it has become one of the most photographed places in Torrevieja.

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