100 arrested this year for fake insurance claims

SO FAR this year, officers of the National Police in Alicante have arrested around 100 people for the reporting of fake crimes.

The vast majority of those detained have made denuncias for events that never happened in the first place or that they greatly exaggerated the facts.

During investigations, a number of people had reported they had been the victims of robbery with violence and intimidation, with the sole objective of defrauding their insurance companies for the ‘theft’ of their personal property.

Making false complaints is a criminal offence and of the almost 100 arrests this year a majority has been concerned with the alleged theft of mobile phones, when those reporting the crimes have in fact only lost them.

Of course, reporting fake crime only forms a minority of the claims made each year, and those that are caught lead to police and criminal records that stay with the claimants throughout their lives and lead to a number of repercussions in the future.

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