1,000 benefit from tax help

1,000 benefit from tax help

FUEGIROLA COUNCIL has revealed it helped 1,000 residents pay their tax this year.

Maria Hernandez, Councillor for Finance, explained the town offered financial aid and practical assistance to locals, making it one of the easiest municipalities to pay tax in.  She added residents had been given the option to split payments, a solution used by many.

Councillor Hernandez explained, the measure “has been very well received, since 776 taxpayers took it up in 2014, 884 in 2015, 840 in 2016 and 1,000 so far this year.”  Up to 30 per cent off property tax (IBI), tractor tax and Environmental Waste Management fees are available providing residents fulfil various criteria, according to Hernandez.

Fuengirola Council’s finances are looking in good shape, with its debt down by 75 per cent and the town hall is passing on its fortune to residents with funding for a community project of up to €1 million.

Locals are being encouraged to put forward their ideas for how the money should be spent.  The initiative, put forward by Mayor Ana Mula, is aimed at allowing residents greater control over how council money is spent.

An online suggestion submission app has been created and all ideas will be analysed for their viability.  Mayor Mula explained, “like I always say; My best team is the residents themselves. And in that sense, we have put in place different tools that have allowed us to work as a team with the people of Fuengirola so that they can also send us their requests, their concerns, their complaints, … and in short, that they participate as a team to improve our city.”

Fuengirola Council last week announced it has reduced its debt by 75 per cent to €10.1 million.The amount has gone down considerably from the €42 million owed at the end of 2014.  The town’s Mayor, Ana Mula, has said the council’s economic policies were responsible for the achievement, claiming they were “above all transparent.”

She added, “I have a plan which is reflected in our yearly budgets and how we manage them.  The approach is paying off.”  Mayor Mula explained, “thanks to good economic management we even have the opportunity of running a surplus,” which allowed the council to pay off some of its loans.

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