A revolutionary ‘no surgery’ solution

A revolutionary ‘no surgery’ solution

WE ARE increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves and feeling comfortable in our own skin, including our private parts.

A woman undergoes many changes throughout her lifetime. Pregnancies, labour, hormonal changes and menopause are some factors that can affect intimacy: the vaginal walls may dilate excessively, there may be loss of vaginal lubrication and elasticity, as well as dryness and irritation. All of these changes affect women’s intimate comfort and decrease their confidence and the quality of their sexual activity.

Medical technology is constantly improving to offer us more efficient and less invasive solutions. The latest revolution in the women’s unit has already arrived at HC Marbella; a new generation of lasers, especially designed to treat in a non-invasive way the problems that affect women that have previously only been treated with surgery.

What is the CO2 laser and what does it do?

CO2 fractional laser technology in gynaecology has given a new boost to the development of treatments for the vaginal mucous membrane.

The CO2 laser is applied directly on the mucous membrane of the vaginal walls, which induces the remodelling and stimulation of the tissue and leads to collagen regeneration in that area. In this way, the membrane becomes thicker and microcirculation improves, making it function better by providing increased lubrication.

Proven to treat:

Mild and moderate female urinary incontinence
Loss of urine suffered by women with stress urinary incontinence occurs when they play sports, laugh or sneeze. Thanks to the heat of the laser collagen remodelling in the vagina mucosa is enhanced, reinforcing the anterior wall of the vagina.

Vaginal relaxation syndrome and vaginal atrophy
The intimate laser renews the collagen of the vagina that has lost tone and elasticity with the wear of the child birth and age. It is also beneficial in menopause because it increases mucosal thickness, lubrication and genital microcirculation.

Functional and aesthetic genital surgery
GyneLase™ helps to redesign and rejuvenate the appearance of the external genitalia, achieving greater uniformity. It is also used for genital whitening.


  • Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
  • Cystocele
  • Rectocele

CO2 laser reduction labiaplasty and vaginal remodelling obtain better and safer results than going under the knife. In fact, laser treatment coagulates and leads to less scars and inflammation, which reduces post-surgery discomfort for the patient. Furthermore, it increases the firmness and elastic of the membrane, while stimulating the production of collagen.

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