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Accord agreed in Malaga

SCHOOLS across Malaga have come to an agreement to extend their sports schedules.

A planned demonstration was called off after the schools reached a compromise with the City Council over noise levels while children are playing basketball.  The centres will now be allwed to use their sports facilities until 10pm.

Speaking about the basketball matches missed during the strike while the agreement was reached, Ricardo Bandres, delegate of the Andalucian Federation, explained, “there is no time to reschedule all the competitions that were suspended. The matches will be held over the next week.”

Last week, Mayor Francisco de la Torre said he hoped a resolution was imminent after the teachers’ board refused to agree its training schedule after two Malaga schools were handed €12,000 fines over noise made mainly while its students played basketball.

The politicians explained the council is speaking to the Junta de Andlaucia to “look for a solution to the sanctions,” and find a “fast” outcome.  He believes the fines could be withdrawn before tomorrow, although he maintains they were right to be given.  He added he wanted to work with the teachers’ board to balance the rights of children to carry out sport in schools with residents not to be disrupted by noise pollution.

Last week it was reported the Board of Education had refused to extend its training schedule after receiving a fine from Malaga Council.

The body was due to sign an agreement over training until it was handed a €12,000 fine over noise levels at two schools.  Patricia Alba, Delegate for Education, said, “in the current circumstances I cannot put my signature on the agreement.”

The furore began when the Lex Flavia Malacitana and Felix Revello de Toro schools were fined for exceeding legal noise levels as children played sport.  The Education board said the penalties represented “shameful and disgraceful disloyalty” on the part of the council.

Last month a union claimed lack of education personnel in Malaga is leaving gaps in schools. The Comisiones Obreras union said 76 vacancies in administrative positions are affecting leave cover as well as schools’ abilities to hire effectively.

The union said cleaners and kitchen staff are in short supply, leading to high competition for staff.  While the most urgent positions began to be filled at the beginning of the school year in September, other positions remain unfilled.

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