Airport enhancements for all the family

ALL CHANGING: New facilities for babies...and workers! Photo credit: Twitter

ALICANTE-ELCHE Airport has made a new family room available for its passengers.

It’s all part of an overall plan by the airport authorities to make the experience of flying a more pleasurable and less stressful one, especially for those with young children and babies.   According to the airport managers AENA, families make up 10 per cent of yearly passenger traffic which translates to 1.3 million out of the approximately 14 million total travellers.

The family room – located in the boarding area and covering an area of 26.2m2 – is equipped with three armchairs, two microwaves, clothes racks, baby changing tables and a toilet.  There is also a small table and chairs for younger children with books and painting equipment.

In addition to the family and baby facilities on offer there are a number of other new ‘work zones’ installed for travellers who need to charge their mobile devices.  There are four areas – also located in the boarding zone – made of benches with 12 chairs each, complete with sockets (that also accept UK plugs) and USB ports.

Finally, and to complete the latest enhancements, AENA has opened a luggage storage facility in the check-in area, complete with security scanner and qualified personnel.

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