All good business in Marbella

All good business in Marbella
HONORARY GUESTS: From left, Angeles Muñoz, Maria Bravo, President of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Dulce Cordoba, Fausto Martinez and CIT president Juan Jose Gonzalez. Credit: FM Consulting‏/Twitter

MORE than 300 people attended the 2017 CIT Marbella Business Awards at the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella to honour businesses that have made a significant contribution to the local economy.

Maria Bravo, head of the Global Gift Foundation, was presented with the ‘Luis Cierco award for promoting Marbella tourism’ for holding the ‘Global Gift Gala’ in the city each year.

The Global Gift Foundation was founded in Marbella in 2012 and holds charitable events around the world in places such as Paris, London, Miami and Los Angeles to raise funds and awareness for various charitable causes.

Businessman of the Year was awarded to Fausto Martinez from FM Consulting, who is also the founding member of the Marbella Centre for Tourism Initiatives and also Vice-Chancellor of the Malaga Consular Corps.

The dinner was also attended by various local representatives, including Angeles Muñoz, the Mayor of Marbella, Jose Luis Ruiz Espejo, the Andalusian Government Delegate in Malaga, and Susana Ibañez, the Andalusian General Secretariat for Tourism.

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