Anyone for paddle tennis? Council courts reopen in Orihuela

COUNCILLOR for Sport for Orihuela, Victor Valverde, has announced that the paddle tennis courts in the Palacio del Agua sports centre have reopened.

This has followed a programme of work carried out to reform and refurbish the facilities that, to quote the councillor, “were in a terrible state due to them being abandoned in recent years that has prevented people using them for their intended purposes.”

Valverde went on to say that thanks to the action taken by the Department of Sport, “Orihuela is now again able to offer these facilities in the best possible condition.

“These works have involved an investment of almost €13,000 and is something that has been demanded by many residents of the municipality for some time.  It’s a shame that it’s taken so long to complete this work as the money has been available for some time.”

The perimeter fence of the courts has been improved with more security, the nets repaired, fresh coats of paint, and the actual playing surface upgraded with the latest artificial turf, installed with the approval of the Spanish sporting authorities.

The courts are open again now, and anyone wishing to book a session that lasts for 90 minutes from 8am to 9.30pm can do so directly at the Palacio del Agua or via the website at

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