Artichoke production hit by frost

Artichoke production hit by frost

SEVERE frosts that have hit the area almost overnight in the Vega Baja area have affected the production and quality of the crops of artichokes.  Coupled with the drought conditions in recent months, it’s been a worrying time for the producers.

The area in the Camp d’Elx has been the worst affected and a decision was taken to begin the harvesting of the artichokes already to avoid future mass loss of the crop, although this will affect both the quality and the price.

Artichokes are also grown in large numbers in Orihuela and Dolores but, for the moment, haven’t as yet been affected by the below freezing overnight temperatures.  Fruit trees also haven’t been affected so far because, as the farmers point out, low temperatures actually benefit them.

The artichokes that have mainly been affected are those at the mature and almost ready to pick stages that were exposed to temperatures as low as -5ºC in the early hours of Sunday morning.

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