Avoid those traffic jams thanks to final year student

JAMS: New traffic sensor app could see drivers avoiding congestion Photo credit: Shutterstock

A STUDENT from Elche has devised an app that predicts traffic jams.

The student at the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) has earned himself a special award for his project that will enable a device to ‘sense’ where traffic jams are and inform the driver accordingly.

It’s the dream of any driver to know where there is likely to be traffic congestion ahead, and it’s all thanks to student Daniel Sempere who has been studying telecommunications at the Elche University and has won an award for ‘Best End-of-Career Project on sustainably mobility’.  This is a Spain-wide prize and Daniel was presented with his diploma and two cheques.  €3,000 goes to him and a further €2,000 for the teaching faculty to buy additional equipment for the department.

“More and more vehicles are on the roads and thus more traffic jams,” said a proud Daniel. “So that those that manage the traffic can anticipate and avoid these congestions, I have created an app that uses data from previous jams and adds them to new information provided by a number of sensors.”  The information can then allow traffic controllers to alert drivers through road signs or directly to the cars using inbuilt internet connections.

Student Daniel tested his app with data collected by companies in the Basque Country and says that there are already a number of interested parties ready to bring his dreams to reality.

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