Awaiting the final say.
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Awaiting the final say…

SENIJA COUNCIL has announced that whilst it ran a public vote to decide whether to abolish the municipality’s annual ‘El Toro Embolado’ event, the decision will ultimately be down to the 2018 Fiesta Commission.

122 residents participated in the public vote, which cost €1,300 to run. 64 voted to keep the event and 58 voted to axe it.

The El Toro Embolado forms part of the village’s Mare de Deudels Desemparats and Santa Caterina fiestas held at the beginning of May.

The roots of El Toro Embolado are unknown, although it is thought to date back as far as the pre-Roman period.

The routine has evolved little over the centuries; a bull is tied to a post and organisers attach to its horns an iron contraption holding a pair of flammable balls.

The balls are then set on fire, in the hope that the animal, once unleashed, thrashes around wildly to put out the fire, much like a bucking bronco.
Now, Senija must wait for the final say from the Fiesta Commission in the new year.

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