Benched Trial of Xerez Football Club bosses postponed again

Benched! Trial of Xerez Football Club bosses postponed again

THE trial of two ex-heads of the Xerez Club Deportivo football team believed to be involved in the ‘Malaya’ scandal was postponed for the third time because one of the lawyers had fallen ill.

Caught up in the controversy are businessman Jose Maria Gil Silgado, the former president of Xerez football club, and Luis Oliver Albesa, a majority shareholder.

The trial, which was originally supposed to take place October had already been postponed twice because the defendants decided to change their lawyers, according to Spanish media sources.

The two men were allegedly implicated with the illicit activities of Juan Antonio Roca, the ex-Marbella town planning consultant who was the mastermind behind ‘Operation Malaya’.

It is believed Albesa expressed his intention to sell the club to Jesus Gil, the ex-mayor of Marbella who was jailed for the part he played in the scandal, who then plotted with Roca to purchase the club with funds allegedly obtained from criminal activities.

The prosecutor has accused the men of being aware that Roca was involved in the purchase of the club and had agreed to help conceal the origin of the investment.

Roca, who was sentenced to ten years in prison himself and called as a witness in the trial, has so far admitted to buying shares in the club but denies that the money was of illicit origin.

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