Black days are good too

Black days are good too

THERE wasn’t much about 2017 that brought a feel good factor. I waited 12 months for mine, which I hope isn’t misplaced. Grinning broadly, I watched ecstatic Africans welcoming the first White farmer to return to the ranch Mugabe’s regime had ousted him from. Remember Marxist Robert Mugabe, knighted by the queen, slobbered over by politicians and mainstream media.

One rose doesn’t make a summer but it was cheering to see Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa show pragmatism and Foreign Minister Sibusiso Moyo tell the West to butt out.
Upon his return to his beloved Lesbury Farm, 71-year old Robert Smart punched the air as he was besieged by ecstatic Africans. The farmer brings with him a wealth of experience, the bank’s confidence; he returns hope, jobs and prosperity to the impoverished community.
Darryn Smart, the farmer’s son said, “Words can’t describe the feeling. Getting back to the farm has given not just us, but the whole community hope that it is a new Zimbabwe, a new country.”

Such jubilation won’t be lost on Zimbabwe’s new administration. One hopes it won’t be lost either on the Westminster canker and its media. Sold as a transition of power to Black rule it was nothing of the kind. Europe’s colonies were surrendered to globalist banking corporations by corrupt European politicians.
The banking clique think waiters are farmers and restaurant tables are gardens of plenty. This elite’s only interest is to squat toad-like on Africa’s vast mineral resources. As a consequence Africa today is poorer than ever, millions of Africans are uprooted and as many more starve.
As in Zimbabwe, many Africans would welcome return to peaceful colonialism that enriched everyone. Hopefully, Zimbabwe’s realism won’t result in yet another Washington DC regime change.

Is it too much to ask that the hapless anti-White South African regime, hopelessly mired in corruption, crime and poverty, might learn from the new Zimbabwean president?
Regardless of ethnicity I remind all South Africans that separate development was not as black as fake news mainstream painted it to be.
In 1972, South Africa’s non-Whites owned more vehicles than all the Black ruled nations put together. In 1988, the monthly income of Africans per capita was a comfortable R352pm, the highest in Africa. There is much more we don’t know because we are not supposed to know.

Is there hope for 2018? Yes, the banking clique’s worst fears will be realised. Ousting the bankers, Russia and China will demonstrate how everyone can benefit from the resources of richest continent on earth. Sadly, to prevent that happening, NATO could get the war with Russia and China.

Michael Walsh is author of Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral. Amazon.

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