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Boy arrested for knifing family

AN 18-YEAR-OLD boy has been detained after stabbing his mother, sister and grandmother whilst on hallucinogens.

The man has been arrested for ill-treatment of his family and could face charges for attempted murder after consuming a hallucinogenic plant in Churriana and attacking them and police.

Officers were called to the scene where they found his 36-year-old mother bleeding from the neck, as well as his 64-year-old grandmother who had lacerations on her right arm and face.  The boy’s 14-year-old sister had also received a head wound.

Local Police officers entered the property to scenes of blood and disarray, identifying the boy and attempting to arrest him.  According to police he was “greatly agitated and responded very aggressively to police action.” He allegedly elbowed one officer before pouncing on a second.  Police finally overpowered the boy before arresting him.

In interview the man allegedly admitted taking a powder hallucinogenic named “San Pedro cactus” before beginning to behave in a “very strange” way.  The boy is also said to have been examined by medical services who agreed he was in psychosis and sedated him.

Police allegedly found the knife used to carry out the attack in a bin around 30 metres away from the scene of the crime.

Meanwhile, it was last week revealed a 17-year-old boy is facing eight years in prison for stabbing a man in a nightclub.

Prosecutors are asking a judge to place the boy in a reform centre for killing 44-year-old Rafael RD in September at the Tropical Disco-karaoke in Arroyo de los Angeles.

Paramedics found the victim at 4am lying on a pavement.  Initially believing he was drunk they soon realised he was lying in a pool of blood and had no pulse.  The man was later found to have five stabs wounds, one in his chest and four in his back.

The National Police began investigating and soon identified the man as a resident of La Palmilla who held several criminal records.  After initially struggling to find witnesses as they had fled when the stabbing occurred, police eventually gathered enough evidence to carry out a reconstruction of the event.

They found three people had tried to enter the club earlier that night but were refused as two of them were underage.  The victim, who happened to be near the argument, supposedly made a comment agreeing with the bouncer.

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