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Builder wielding iron bar given suspended sentence

A BUILDER who attacked a mechanic with an iron bar in Javea has been handed a two-year suspended sentence by Alicante Provincial Court.

The court heard how, in summer 2014, two brothers who run a mechanic’s workshop on Javea’s Avenida Colomer suspected a builder working on a nearby site had caused damage to one of their vehicles.

The mechanics approached the builder, one holding him whilst the other hit him across the face with a steel toe capped boot.

The two brothers did not cause any serious injury to the builder but incensed him to seek revenge.

He returned to the site he was working on, assembled a two-metre long iron bar with scaffolding materials and headed to the mechanic’s workshop.

There, he attacked one of the brothers with the iron bar, leaving him with several fractures.

The builder has been ordered to pay €24,302 in damages to the mechanic.

If he does not pay the compensation or commits another crime within two years, he will go straight to prison.

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