Can you help shelter?

Can you help
Tah dah: A small mountain of food was collected in just 24 hours Photo credit Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia

THE FRANCISCAN SHELTER FOR MEN at Palma de Gandia provides a home and nursing care for around 65 homeless men, many of whom suffer from mental or physical illness, some of whom are terminally ill.

These men would otherwise be on the streets and unlikely to survive without this special care.

Admission is solely on the basis of need and all nationalities and religions are accepted.

The shelter is funded entirely by charitable donations, with no state aid or official grants.

Recently,there was a crisis where food stocks were reduced almost to zero. The Franciscans were forced to send out an urgent appeal for help just to be able to feed the residents.

Quick to respond to the appeal was local Freemason’s Lodge Oliva La Safor, who asked members to donate as much food as possible.

Within the space of just 24 hours, a small mountain of food was collected for the hungry residents, including long life goods and tinned produce. Clothes and medicines were also donated which always prove useful.

The lodge have appealed for members of the local community to donate to the shelter – food and medicines are in highest demand at the moment (including long life milk, pasta, rice, cheese and olive oil) together with the usual:

Clothing (all sizes – new or secondhand):
Track suits, particularly bottoms (preferably non-iron), t-shirts, underwear, soft pyjamas and socks (not white).

Bedding for 90cm beds:
Plastic mattress protectors, flat sheets and fitted under sheets with (preferably) matching pillowcases (flannel or brushed cotton), blankets (warm and washable).

Toiletries, both opened and part used are accepted:
Disposable razors, shaving foam, shampoo, shower gel and skin creams.

Bath towels (not white), bleach, toilet paper, washing-up liquid and large bin-bags.

Should you wish to donate to the The Franciscan Shelter for Men and/ or find out more about freemasonry, please email [email protected].

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