Car park ‘attendant’ violence

Car park attendant violence

A WOMAN from Murcia has suffered a number of violent threats at the hands of an opportunist car park attendant.

Many people have suffered a similar experience over many years.  People drive into a number of large, free parking spaces and are often shown into a space by someone who then expects to be paid for their help.  But they aren’t officials and only do what they do as a form of begging.

However, one woman has had a particularly nasty experience which she shared through social media recently with one of the ‘attendants’ in the Centrofama area of the city.

“I go and park in the same car park every week when I go to visit my parents and I never give them any money.   Sometimes they say something to me, but last time it got out of hand,” she said.

As she pointed out on Facebook: “I was threatened by this man when I was inside my car that began to hit the car, swearing at me and trying to force me out of the car.  He knows me from previous visits that I’ve never previously yielded to his verbal threats and also knows that he won’t get a single cent out of me.”

The woman pointed out that she called the police who arrived some 15 minutes later.  In the meantime, she had told the ‘attendant’ that she’d recorded him at which he got scared and fled the scene.  Police soon identified him as being well-known to them…however, as they informed the woman, there is nothing they can do as no law is being broken.

She says that she will continue to park in the same place and will not be intimidated. “Until the authorities receive several complaints and the courts issue a restraining order or a by-law is put into place, this situation will not be resolved.”

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