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Three arrested after police chase

NATIONAL POLICE officers from Elche have arrested three men after car chase along the A-7 motorway.

The trio – three men aged between 38 and 44 – were detained after they failed to stop at a police checkpoint and police gave chase.

Police became wary of the situation that was about to unfold as they realised a car was approaching them at great speed with no sign of slowing down.  Despite waving their luminous warning light sticks, the car ignored them and after dodging the officers and other vehicles – almost causing an accident – they sped off.

A patrol car was on hand and quickly pursued the offending car with lights and two-tones blazing, and they eventually caught up with it after a few kilometres of a high-speed chase.  Once the vehicle was stopped, more police back-up was requested and the car and its occupants were thoroughly searched.

One of the supporting patrols included the canine unit, and one of the dogs was able to detect almost 100 grams of hashish and small quantities of cocaine already packaged and ready for sale hidden away.  An amount of cash was also found.

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