Children vaccinated after hepatitis outbreak

OFFICIAL HELP: Albatera’s Mayor Rosario Ballester helps parents and teachers in cleaning local school

NINETY children in the municipality of Albatera have been vaccinated after the detection of five new cases of hepatitis.

The disease was found to have been contracted by three children between 3 and 5-years-old and their mothers at the Cervantes School and the Casa de la Música.  They were diagnosed in mid-October.  Two of the children are brothers and the third is a cousin.  The two mothers are also sisters.

After detecting this latest strain of Hepatitis A, the health authorities have set up protocols for treating the condition and have now vaccinated all the school children that share the toilets with those affected and also all those who are in the same classes.

Parents in the schools are very concerned about this latest outbreak of hepatitis – a disease associated with a lack of hygiene and is very contagious – and fear it may be related to a lack of cleanliness in the schools caused by an indefinite strike that has now lasted for a month by cleaners and caretakers.

The workers are employed by cleaning company Liasur who have been declared bankrupt, leaving employees in limbo and without any wages for more than three months, and this led to the strike.

The ongoing unhealthy situation has seen a number of teachers and parents and even the local mayor Rosario Ballester helping out with the cleaning after the local authority and the police closed one of the toilets at the CEIP Cervantes.

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