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Choose those Christmas presents for kids with care

PAEDIATRIC specialists at the Hospital QuirónSalud Torrevieja have taken the opportunity ahead of Christmas to emphasise that choosing the right presents for children is important and significant for their future development.

These comments have been made by Doctor María Mínguez from the acclaimed hospital in Torrevieja who said that at this time of the year, it’s more important than usual for parents to make sure they choose appropriate gifts.  “Toys should be fun and play a big role in the development of a child’s physical and mental health,” she said.

Doctor Mínguez warns of the excessive use of technology in games and toys that can also affect the mental health of a child, but also due to the complexity of some of the games they can develop important hand-eye coordination reflexes.  However, as she said, “their uncontrolled use can create addictions that can sometimes intensify the risk of social isolation.”

In addition to the fun element of toys and games and the interaction between adults and children in a family environment – the positive side that educates and enhances a child’s creativity – there is a downside.  Excessive dedication to videogames can lead to a sedentary lifestyle at an early age that can lead to the development of obesity and related conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure and cholesterol.  The recommendation from Dr Mínguez is for games to be chosen that don’t prejudice a child’s future well-being.

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