Controversy over new bus station
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Controversy over new Denia bus station signage

DENIA’S new bus station is taking shape as the façade was installed earlier this week.

However, the choice of language used for the sign across the façade, which reads ‘Estacion de Autobuses de Denia’ (‘Denia Bus Station’ in Spanish) has caused controversy amongst residents.

Some residents took to social media to denounce the fact the sign is written in Spanish and not Valencian.

“Estaciod’autobusos de Denia. Is it so difficult to respect the co-official de llengues?” said one user whilst another argued that “the language in Spain is Spanish, so it is not wrong.”

Residents are also concerned that the dimensions of the new bus station will not allow enough space for large buses to safely manoeuvre in and out of it.

Councillor for the Citizens group Sergio Benito said:

“The original project has not taken into account the limitations for the manoeuvring of large buses and it will be impossible for them to enter and exit the station.”

He said that the problems can be seen “at a glance” yet officials have said that no changes can be made until the project is completed.

Benito has urged the council to carry out tests now before costing the town more money.

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