Couples opt for more civil weddings
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Couples opt for more civil weddings

THE number of church weddings taking place in the Murcia region has plummeted. 

The traditional dream of couple going to the alter is considerably losing its popularity according to the latest set of figures supplied by the Bishopric in the region and announced by the judicial vicar of the Diocese of Cartagena, Gil José Sáez.  In his words, there has been a “brutal” fall in the number of weddings taking place in church.

For 2016, the number of church weddings was 2,027 which represented only 20 per cent of the annual total.  In 2003, that total was 5,200 when religious services outnumbered civil ones by three to one.

As church weddings fall, levels of divorce in Cartagena remain stable for the second year in succession with 86 in total last year.  So far in 2017, 76 marriages have been annulled although the final figure is expected to be 82.

Not all applications for divorce procedures in the region completely follow through to a final separation.  There have been 190 applications so far in 2017, but as Gil José Sáez explained the process can take seven months to settle and can cost as much as €2,500.  Some couple choose not to go through with their original intentions for a number of reasons and simply choose to remain separated.

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