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“Crazy and reckless” dangerous driver arrested

LOCAL POLICE in Murcia have arrested a man for driving in what they describe as a “crazy and reckless” manner in the city centre.

The 36-year-old Moroccan man who lives in Murcia was detained after he apparently jumped a red light, hit a number of bollards and ended up driving on the wrong side of the road.  In addition, he crashed into both parked and moving cars, signposts and fences, causing varying degrees of damage in the process in different parts of the city.

The whole incident lasted close to two hours when the driver began his dangerous journey around 12 noon on the Gran Via Alfonso X el Sabio.  Police ended up blocking the exit at the Jesús María School around 2pm and were spotted by the reckless driver in his Audi A-4.  At this point the offending car jumped a red light, putting pedestrians and several children at risk as they were crossing the road at the time.

Police officers had already noticed the erratic way the man was driving and also saw the front number plate was missing, so they ran after the car that by now had been caught up in traffic and tried to get the man out of the car.   He then tried to move off, once again putting at risk pedestrians but the on-foot police again caught up with him and tried to remove him from his vehicle.  He responded with a serious of kicks and punches before being restrained with the help of three other members of the National Police who were close by and off-duty at the time.

The man tested positive for both alcohol and cocaine.

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