Crisis for Tasha – White House asks for more details of her case

FIGHTER: More than €200,000 needed for vital treatment in the USA. Photo credit: Andy Lynch

TASHA LYNCH is a one in a million girl.  Not only is she suffering from one of the world’s rarest conditions, she spends most of her free time thinking of others – when not needing regular or emergency hospital treatment – contacting and encouraging people, many of whom are complete strangers, not to give up with their debilitating and life threatening conditions.  As her devoted father Andy told RTN: “Even though she can be very poorly in a hospital bed, she feels as though she’s taking up a space that someone else can use.”

Tasha, now 24-years-old, was struck down by four separate life threatening conditions and her father, with the help of the local community has been supporting the ‘Tasha Appeal’ for some time.   Through a series of fund raising events taking place up and down the Costa Blanca and a dedicated internet site, Andy Lynch is desperately trying to raise a total of over €200,000 to get his daughter to the USA for specialist treatment for her rare mitochondrial disease.

“It’s a ridiculously rare condition that Tasha has”, said Andy, “and is more or less the same condition as the young baby Charlie Gard suffered from who tragically lost his fight for life this summer.”   The case of baby Charlie made the world news, and those fighting for Tasha are hoping for similar awareness of her illness, especially as The White House has taken notice of a Tweet sent to President Donald Trump and have asked for details of her case.

However, the fundraising has become top priority for Andy and Tasha as her condition is deteriorating quickly and if Andy doesn’t raise the money soon, her condition will be too far gone to be reversed.  Tasha isn’t eligible for UK benefits as she is not a UK resident. She has applied for help from the Spanish Social Security Department and has been waiting for two years for a definitive answer.

While it is hoped her official situation can be resolved, the fundraising must continue.

The disease has struck Tasha in such a devastating way that she is currently paralysed from the waist down, unable to breathe unaided and relies on a ventilator and tracheotomy, 24 hours a day. She is unable to swallow, and is fed through a tube. Blind in her left eye and light sensitive in her right eye, Tasha is even unable to support her own head unaided.

Fundraising has being coordinated by the Orihuela Costa Community Care Association who, as Andy said, are “doing a fantastic job” on his and Tasha’s behalf and have also made contact with politicians in both Spain and the UK.

If you’d like to donate to the Tasha Appeal and see the total raised so far, go to

A number of dedicated fund raising events are being held leading up to Christmas, and you can read full details of them in next week’s RTN

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