Doctors failed to spot pregnancy

Doctors failed to spot pregnancy

FIVE DOCTORS are under fire for allegedly failing a pregnant woman.

A judge has now told the Andalucian Health Service (SAS) the professionals could face civil liability claims after failing to spot a woman was pregnant until she went into labour.

The claimant, Carolina, allegedly visited doctors five times with stomach pain, eventually giving birth to twins on her final visit, without anyone diagnosing she was pregnant.

The mother is now suing the doctors for “medical negligence,” after she was hospitalised for a month for complications from childbirth.  Her two daughters are said to be well.  Carolina first visited a Malaga health centre in June complaining of “severe leg pain, weight gain and that her period had stopped.”

Convinced she could not have children as she was obese, the woman was discharged from the centre before returning on August 1 for “severe abdominal pain.”  Doctors once again failed to offer her a pregnancy test and instead diagnosed her with back pain and poor circulation.

Carolina returned again on September 10, telling doctors she had not had a period in four months and in a later appointment she explained she had developed a bump on her stomach.  Doctors stuck to their diagnosis, telling the woman she instead needed to lose weight before she eventually gave birth in October.

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