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Drones to be used to tackle smuggling into Spain

THE Spanish Tax Agency is to spend €474,000 to contract a private company to supply drones capable of transmitting videos in a bid to police tobacco smuggling.

One drone will be operated over the Catalan town of Seo de Urgel which borders Andorra and the other will be located in La Linea de la Concepcion at the border with Gibraltar.

Each drone will have a flight timeof 30 minutes and can operate at a range of one kilometre from the operator with all information received and held on a smart phone or tablet.

It is understood that each drone will be equipped with vehicle and face recognition programmes and will be able to follow targets once sighted with officers likely to be able to pursue suspects in unmarked vehicles.

As drones are illegal in Gibraltar and due to the close proximity to the airfield, customs and tax officers will have to be well-trained and ensure that they do not cause any danger to arriving or departing aircraft.

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