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Drugs and alcohol found in ten percent of drivers

DURING the week between December 11 and 17, alcohol and drugs tests carried out on a number of drivers return positive results. 

In the course of the six days control – concentrated on the car park located by the port ‘El Hombre del Mar’ – a combined total of 93 tests (48 alcohol and 45 drugs) were carried out for four and five people testing positive respectively.

The overwhelming majority of these checks were carried out during the evening of Friday December 15 by one of local police inspectors, Óscar Cartón González, and with the support of 10 officers.

A total of three control points were set up during the campaign, and those testing positive for drugs in their system were found to have taken cocaine, cannabis and amphetamines; some with a mixture of two or all three.  Apart from the drink and drugs offenders, two cars were found to have an expired ITV (MOT) certificate.

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