Drugs gang dismantled in Alicante

Drugs gang dismantled

FOUR people have been arrested following an operation to dismantle an alleged drug selling gang in Alicante.

Officers were aware of the same place in the northern part of Alicante being used to sell the illegal substances – in this case cocaine – and they set up an operation to monitor the area.  They managed to seize 250 grams of cocaine on this occasion which was a continuation of a previous exercise in which two kilos of the narcotic was discovered.

The operation began following an investigation that began in August when the first two kilos were found and this led police to a similar network of distribution and selling.  Eventually, they were able to link both operations and were able to firstly identify and then locate every member of the organisation.

Homes were raided during a planned operation which culminated in the arrest of the four gang members who are aged between 26 and 47-years-old.

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