Drunk driver’ let off due to lack of evidence

ACQUITTED: Drunken man only behind the wheel at the request of police. Photo credit: Pixabay

A MAN has been acquitted on a charge of drunk driving even though he was drunk and in control of his car.

The man was let off by the judge because when he was drunk he was only planning to move his car…at the request of the police.

The man was originally convicted for the offence of driving under the influence of alcohol back in January 2017 in Murcia; but the man appealed against the sentence which saw him fined €6 a day for a period of eight months – approximately €1,500 – and banned from driving for 18 months.

The incident began when the car belonging to the acquitted man was found parked in a disabled parking bay in Plaza Condestable in the city centre of Murcia and without an official permit to do so.

A local policeman then saw the driver and asked him to remove his car…and as soon as he did the police officer noticed the man showing signs of being drunk – a combination of the way, he walked, talked and smelt – and proceeded to give the man two breath tests which he failed.

The man was let off because there was no evidence that he was actually drunk when driving his car before he was asked to move his vehicle parked illegally by the police.

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