Eight years for murderer

Eight years for murderer

A 17-YEAR-OLD boy is facing years in prison for stabbing a man outside a nightclub.

Prosecutors are asking a judge to place the boy in a reform centre for killing 44-year-old Rafael RD in September at the Tropical Disco-karaoke in Arroyo de los Angeles.

Paramedics found the victim at 4am lying on a pavement.  Initially believing he was drunk they soon realised he was lying in a pool of blood and had no pulse.  The man was later found to have five stabs wounds, one in his chest and four in his back.

The National Police began investigating and soon identified the man as a resident of La Palmilla who held several criminal records.  After initially struggling to find witnesses as they had fled when the stabbing occurred, police eventually gathered enough evidence to carry out a reconstruction of the event.

They found three people had tried to enter the club earlier that night but were refused as two of them were underage.  The victim, who happened to be near the argument, supposedly made a comment agreeing with the bouncer.

One of the group apparently challenged Rafael RD to a fight at which point another boy stabbed him in the back.  After investigating for a month and a half, police identified the three young men.  Two were released as they were not believed to have been involved in the stabbing.  The accused has been held in a reform centre since his arrest on suspicion of murder.

Meanwhile, a 64-year-old murderer was last month given 20 years in prison for stabbing his 74-old-former friend 16 times.

The accused, who did not deny the allegation, “surprised” his victim at his home in Torremolinos before killing him.  The suspect waited on the doorstep next to his victim’s body before telling police officers, “he did not keep my secret.”  It is not known what secret the man is referring to.

Police said the suspect killed the deceased, who was believed to have been his friend, in a “repeated and surprise” stabbing to the man’s head, neck, thorax, abdomen and back with a machete. After the attack, the man told a passer-by to call the police and sat waiting for them before telling them what he had done.

When asked by police why he was carrying the machete, which was 25 centimetres long and four centimetres, the man said he always had it on him

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