Elderly woman and her disabled son rescued from blaze
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Elderly woman and her disabled son rescued from blaze

A MAJOR blaze that broke out in a building in Torrevieja left four people suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation.

Two of the four – an 88-year-old woman and her 54-year-old disabled son – had to be rescued from the burning building by officers from the local police and the Guardia Civil, and did so before the arrival of the firefighters.  They were taken by ambulance to the Torrevieja Hospital.  The other two suffered from minor breathing difficulties caused by the smoke and toxic fumes.

The fire broke out at 8.15pm on Tuesday night in Calle San Julián at the junction with Diego Ramírez on the third floor of the five floor building, which had to be completely evacuated during a frightening experience for many residents.  Some made their way to the top of their block, fleeing the flames and thick smoke, and made their way on to an adjacent roof where they awaited the arrival of the emergency services.

According to reports, the first people on the scene were four members of the Guardia Civil who were in the vicinity of the blaze at the time, when they picked up the strong smell of smoke.  When they got to the building, and without any hesitation, they entered the building where they almost immediately discovered the distraught elderly woman and her son who had already been noticeably affected by the fire.

In total, the brave officers entered the building on three separate occasions, bringing to safety people from the third and fourth floors.  All the Guardia Civil officers are in the best of health after their ordeal.

The cause of the fire continues to be investigated.

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