EWN Media Group spokesman helps Belgian TV

WHEN the most popular French language TV station in Belgium, RTL-TVI wanted to investigate a cult leader who had fled to Spain, it contacted EWN Media Group for comment.

Robert Spatz, spiritual head of the Ogyen Kunzang Choling (OKC) Buddhist community, was sentenced to a suspended sentence of four years in prison in absentiain 2016 having been found guilty of sexual abuse, child kidnapping and money laundering.

A one hour documentary about Spatz, uncovering his activities was to be produced and it included filming on the Costa del Sol as it was believed that he was secretly ensconced in a property in Estepona.

A reporter flew over to try to interview the former cult leader and with a cameraman visited the EWN Media Group head office in Fuengirola in order to discuss the number of ‘criminals’ who had sought sanctuary in Spain.

During the interview, it was explained that British criminals found Spain an attractive bolt hole in the past due to the fact that extradition back to the UK was invariably unlikely but as this loophole has been overturned, the current reason can be laid at the Schengen door.

There are a largenumber of foreign nationals extradited from Spain but thanks to Schengen, any EU passport holder from a country that is part of Schengen can enjoy free passage into any other Schengen country.

Ironically, as Britain is not part of Schengen all passengers flying to Spain from the UK with British passports have to register their information online when booking their flights.

EWN Media Group was asked to keep the information about the investigation and the interview under wraps until the programme was broadcast on prime time Belgian TV.

Now that the programme has been screened, it is possible to view the very interesting story on Youtube under the title Face cachée dans les griffes du gourou OKC RTL (In the clutches of the OKC guru).

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