Family misfortunes play their cards wrong

HIGH STAKES: Fight breaks out due to gambling arguments Photo credit: Pixabay

POLICE in Alicante were called to intervene in a brawl that started during a game of cards.

Two fights in the space of 24 hours broke out between brothers of two families living in the Miguel Hernández part of the city which ended up with two injured and three arrested.

A man was punched in a fight that started in the Virgen del Remedio area of the city during a card game for money, and according to witnesses there were a number of arguments about the ability of some of those taking part in the gambling to fulfil their debts.

Police and paramedics were called to the scene as the fight got out of hand at around two in the afternoon, and as the police arrived some of those involved tried to flee the scene but were chased and later arrested in their homes.

Two of those arrested, aged 18, were charged with causing injury to another person and a third, aged 23, for resisting arrest and refusing to identify himself as he maintained he wasn’t involved in the incident.

One of those injured had a wound to the ear as well as other facial injuries, while another also had cuts and bruises to his face.  One was taken by ambulance to hospital to have stitches and another refused any assistance by paramedics.

Tensions were high in the neighbourhoods for a few hours after the brawl but a high presence of police calmed things down.

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