Five arrested over nightclub fight

Five arrested over nightclub fight

A GROUP of youths have been arrested in Marbella after one of them was thrown out of a nightclub.

The five Spanish people, aged between 20 and 25 years old, are facing prosecution for assault, public disorder and property damage.

The group allegedly confronted bouncers after one of them was turned away, hurling furniture at the doormen and the building.  The nightclub was temporarily closed to protect the workers and those inside. Police say the group are local residents.

Meanwhile, police are searching for a man who bit the ear of a young American tourist in Malaga.

The assailant and an another man have yet to be identified after they attacked the holidaymaker in a brawl near Calle Granada in the city’s centre.

National Police officers attended the scene after witnesses reported the fight, which broke out around 4am, leaving two injured.  A group of Americans, including three boys and one girl, who were renting an apartment in Malaga were caught up in the incident, leaving one 25-year-old man missing a piece of his right ear.  It is believed footage of the brawl was captured on one of the tourist’s phones.

Police are now investigating what caused the incident although witnesses have confirmed the fight was not initiated by the Americans.  One source claimed the group was being “quiet” when they were reprimanded by another group of young people, two of whom became more aggressive.

Allegedly one of the assailants then bit his victims, tearing off the top part of his ear.  One witness saw the man throw the body part into the sewer and led officers to the area where they were able to retrieve the piece of cartilage and keep it on ice to give to doctors.

After he was taken to the Carlos Haya Hospital, the victim was told he would need surgery to reattach his ear but refused, saying he wanted to have it done in his own country.  One of his friends, a 28-year-old man, was also injured but did not need hospital treatment.

National Police officers patrolled the centre of Malaga trying to find the assailants but have so far not identified them.  Agents are using footage of the brawl alongside witness statements to continue their search but as yet have been unable to get the alleged assailants’ names.  According to witnesses, the men are Spanish and probably from Malaga, based on their accents.

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