Five children detained in ‘prison’
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Five children detained in ‘prison’ in Andalucia

THE JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA has rescued five more children from Archidona prison.
Social Services took the Algerian immigrants into custody after discovering they were under 18. A group of around 300 prison officers gathered outside the prison to protest the use of the building to detain immigrants.

Last month, several visitors were turned away from a detention centre as they tried to deliver clothes to their relatives.
After waiting all morning to see their loved-ones, visitors were asked to return to Archidona prison in the afternoon. Every day large numbers of mother, children, fathers and siblings queue outside the prison to see their families who were detained after illegally enetering Spain on the coasts of Almeria and Murcia.

A plainclothes police officer was stationed outside the centre to organise visitors, some of whom say they have been waiting days to see their relatives. Sources told one publication numbers had to be limited to control the situation which is said to have become heated. One father told a newspaper, “my son is on hunger strile because the other day they put out pork to eat.”

Relatives say they are concerned after hearing news reports of clashes inside the prison between inmates frustrated they will have to return home. A source told one publication there had been “some encounters,” which were “not serious.”
Last week a councillor urged Spain’s central government to make other arrangements for the immigrants. Mercedes Montero is asking the government to open a new, permanent prison for those who illegally reach Spain’s shores by boat after it was claimed Archidona’s Local Police headquarters are being used to hold around 500 immigrants.
The councillor explained she had spoken to the Security of State for Security and, “he has assured me that they will be held for a maximum of 40 days and that another jail will be opened in January as promised.”

The immigrants, who arrived at the shores of Murcia before being transferred to Malaga, have received healthcare, personal hygiene kits and the services of an interpreter. Around 2,000 food rations have been put aside for the inmate as well as bottled water.

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