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Four arrested for possession of ‘blank’ weapons

OFFICERS of both the National Police and the Guardia Civil have arrested four people in connection with a number of crimes, including firearms issues. They are all Spanish nationals aged between 31 and 52-years-old

The gang were accused of illegal possession of weapons after purchasing 45 blank guns with the intention of transforming them into real firearms.

Investigations were carried out by the State Security Forces that specialise in detecting amounts of weapons being allegedly bought and sold illegally and to monitor suspected gangs involved in such illicit operations.

This particular detailed enquiry enabled officers to detect a surprising and quite unusually high number of blank weapons purchases, notably by one person acquiring 45 during the past year.  They were obtained via the internet from one particular armoury located in Madrid.

Once converted to enable them to fire live bullets, these authentic-looking pistols and revolvers are then sold on the black market or within the criminal fraternity and thus bring dangers to the security of everyone.   Faced with this new illegal method of acquiring firearms, police investigators have now taken control over the sale of arms.

As the investigations progressed and assessing the dangers that the suspects presented to public safety, three locations were raided in different addresses in Torrevieja and Guardamar.  In them, they found 45 ‘blank’ and air guns, 133 rounds of ammunition, 275 blank rounds and various tools to enable the weapons to be converted to live firearms.

The man who acquired the main bulk of the firearms from the internet was known to the authorities for similar incidents in the past, and has a history of belonging to a number of radical groups as well as the possession of weapons and explosives.

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