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Four years’ prison for Malaga airport killers

PROSECUTORS are asking for four years in jail for four men accused of killing a homeless man at Malaga Airport last year.

The men are facing convictions for reckless homicide and degradation after 51-year-old British man Steven Allford was found bound and naked at the city’s airport with ham on his buttocks and his genitals inserted into a can of tuna.

The accused are then said to have filmed the man who later died choking on his own vomit. Prosecutors say the man would have found it difficult to get up after he had been restrained.
The deceased is thought to have spent the previous afternoon with the four suspects, three Finnish men and one Irishman. Lawyers say the men “recording the scene of Allford collapsed and laughing at his helplessness even placed a cigarette in his mouth after having out it between his buttocks.” The accused are said to have carried out further demeaning acts “to the delight” of all.

In the video the men can allegedly be heard “narrating” the crime before posting it on Facebook. Prosecutors say, “when they had laughed a lot, they left Steven Allford to his fate, who, as a result of his drunkenness, and because of the contribution of the almost impossibility of moving because of the use of restraints, would end up dying from choking on his own vomit.”

Finnish police reported the incident to the Spanish authorities after finding the video on Facebook. Using the images to identify the men, the four were put on trial. The Irishman, who initially acted as a witness, told a court “I’d give anything to help them find the culprit,” before later being identified for his alleged part in the crime by the video.
Meanwhile workers at Malaga Airport are concerned about their working conditions after new managers are due to move in.

The employees of the airport’s bars and restaurants have received support from all Malaga’s political parties after the current operator Aena put out a €100 million tender to find new operators for the catering facilities.
The workers fear the eight-year contract does not provide any assurances over their rights. Miguel Angel Salazar, chairman of the works council, confirmed, “the Aena specifications do not guarantee that all conditions will be met,” if the tender is awarded to several different companies.

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