Fraudster arrested in Malaga

Fraudster arrested

A MAN has been arrested in Malaga City for falsely reporting his wallet had been stolen.

The 33-year-old had told police he had been robbed at knife point after being asked for change.  The accused claimed the crime occurred in the downtown area of Malaga. Police began investigating his complaint before finding it was false.

In November a woman was sentenced to a year in prison for filing a false complaint against a Nerja resident. Rosa A.G.D., as she has been named, has also been ordered to pay a €2,700 fine and €5,150 in damages after a court found her guilty of lying about a theft to collect the insurance money.

The convicted told police she had had her purse stolen from a shop in Torre del Mar in August 2012, and went as far as naming Juan Antonio Ortega, who happened to be in the store at the same time, as the culprit.  A court in Malaga found the woman of guilty of lying about the crime, overturning an earlier acquittal, finding, “the accused was aware that the complaint she filed at the National Police station against her victim was false.”

The woman is unable to appeal the latest ruling after it was proven “the defendant carried out all the administrative procedures to collect compensation from the insurance company.”

Her victim was arrested and spent hours in a Torre del Mar police cell after he was accused of aggravated theft.  It took until 2013 for Ortega to clear his name and he immediately denounced the woman for making a false accusation.  He explained the woman made his life hell, causing him to take 40 days’ psychological leave from work.  He commented, “I have gone through a real ordeal that I do not wish on anyone, that woman made our lives awful.”

The court found the woman had made four similar accusations between 2001 and 2005.

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