Get a white smile in time for Christmas
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Get a white smile in time for Christmas

JAMES BUCHANON from White Glo gives his advice and the five simple routines to take up in the run-up to Christmas. 

1. Brush after eating and drinking:
James says “It still surprises me how over a third (36 per cent) don’t brush their teeth twice a day. For faster whitening results I’d recommend carrying a toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste, so you can brush after drinking coffee and eating foods like berries, to avoid staining your teeth.”

2. Try a natural whitening method:
James continues, “Strawberries may seem like a tasty way to get whiter teeth and their malic acid does have some ability to temporarily dissolve stains. However, for faster results, I’d recommend opting for a charcoal toothpaste to really soak up stains and kill bad bacteria. Oil pulling works in a similar way, but should not replace a good toothpaste.”

3. Use floss and mouthwash every day:
James points out, “While it may seem obvious, our research shows only 10% are incorporating these simple steps into their morning routine. Diligence is key when it comes to flossing. You want to floss below the gum line, but ensure you aren’t scrubbing the enamel away. When the enamel thins, the yellow hue underneath becomes more visible.”

4. Switch to a whitening toothpaste:
James advises, “Simply switching your regular toothpaste for one with whitening properties is going to give you results by Christmas. For maximum results, I’d recommend opting for a low abrasion formula with added fluoride.

5. Eat cheese:
Finally, James recommends, “To offset stains caused by certain foods and drinks, you can try adding a little cheese. The calcium will create a film over your teeth to offer some protection to dark colours and acids.”

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