Ham and chocolate shoplifter detained

Ham and chocolate shoplifter detained

OFFICERS of the National Police in Elche have arrested a man for stealing chocolate and ham from a supermarket.

It’s understood that the man lives on the street, without any documentation, and simply took the packets and bars of food to eat for himself.  He was apprehended by the police during a routine patrol in Calle Mallorca, in the Altabix area of the city, when their attention was caught by a man hiding among parked cars.  He was asked for ID but failed to produce any and during a frisking the police found several packets of Serrano ham and a bar of chocolate…some of which had already been eaten.

The man, who allegedly is without any home or money, immediately admitted that he’d stolen the products from a nearby supermarket.

Police then visited the store where it was confirmed that the man detained had been in the supermarket earlier had left without going through the checkouts.  After checking via the bar codes that the products did actually belong to the store, the police requested a price ticket to confirm the value of the shoplifted products…€24.34.  Some of the packets of ham could be returned as they were unopened so the actual value of the stolen goods was less.

However, due the man having a criminal record for other minor robberies in the past, he was arrested and will be brought in front of the courts.  Such cases usually attract a fine of €60.

If the accused can prove that he’s insolvent and does indeed live on the street, he could escape a fine.  So far, the supermarket concerned hasn’t registered a complaint for the stolen items, and so it will be down to the court to decide whether what was stolen was for consumption or would be sold on for financial gain given his personal circumstances.

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