Happy british killmas

Happy British killmas

AS Britain transforms into a multi-racial nation tens of thousands of Britons face unnecessary death through deprivation of basic necessities. Cold weather related deaths in the UK have hit a 15-year high, shocking official figures show.

Last winter saw the highest number of hypothermia related casualties since the turn of the millennium. Those worst affected are the elderly who now face a heat or eat dilemma. Whichever they choose they lose but for government and the Grim Reaper it is a win-win situation.

British workers, directly or indirectly, are taxed 48% on every penny they earn through their working lives. For fifty of their productive year’s government is a burden to them. They go without so government doesn’t go short. These wage slaves are worn out and unproductive by the time men and women reach retirement at 66 years of age (from 2018).

Having nothing else to give the retired become a burden on government. At this point the government has no further interest in them or their life expectancy.

The colder the weather gets the greater the relief of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. But, there will be no cold-related health problems for MPs as 78 per cent of them are millionaires, some many times over.

There were almost 44,000 unnecessary British deaths between December and March last year, the largest annual rise in such figures for almost five decades. In 2012/13 there were 31,000 extra coffins filled by early culled pensioners.

Experts said the failure of the flu vaccine last year, which was only effective in 3 per cent cases, was one of the key factors behind the deaths. But, Big Pharma’s profits are healthy as are the elite’s shares in that industry. Charities raise concern that the death toll could rise this year. Britain’s 300 plus crematoria will struggle to cope.

The report from the Office of National Statistics show the number of premature deaths in 2014/15 the highest since 1999/00, with 27 per cent more people dying unnecessarily of hypothermia in the winter months compared with the non-winter months.

There were more than twice as many excess winter deaths than the previous year, when there were 17,460 deaths caused by lack of heating. The 151% rise is the biggest annual increase since 1967.

The number of cold-related deaths began to climb in December 2014 and peaked on 1 January 2015 with New Year’s Day seeing the number of excess deaths a third higher than average. Their years of pasture cruelly cut short the retired prematurely meet early death as a consequence of government indifference or government having ‘higher priorities’.

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