Here’s to the next one

Here’s to the next one

ANOTHER Christmas comes to an end, and a new year beckons.
As the beggars carry on their daily vigils for a few tourist euros outside the Vatican City walls, some without limbs and all without hope, the Pope gives his Christmas blessings to the world and prays for world peace from the opulence of St Peter’s. And once again as in Christmases past, not a thing will change with the hate and killing continuing on an industrial scale.

The extermination of the world’s wildlife will accelerate and significantly more percentage points will be added to the 58% loss since 1970, giving credence to the forecast of a 67% reduction by 2020.
Talking will continue on the subject of climate change, with the self satisfied politicians patting themselves on the back for their wisdom and leadership, but effectively doing precious little to prepare us for the inevitable and irreversible changes that are rapidly coming about.

The leaders of the world’s most influential nations range from power hungry megalomaniacs to brainless buffoons, with many others regarding their position as a ticket to rampant corruption. And with such a large proportion of the globe’s leadership portraying distinct strong sociopathic tendencies, it seems to have now become part of the job description.
The farcical Brexit talks will continue, with the EU making their demands and Mrs May and her incompetent side-kicks cravenly surrendering concession after concession, and thereby making a nonsense of the word ‘negotiation’. The end result will almost certainly be a betrayal of the wishes of the majority of the British people as made clear on the 23rd June 2016.

Our beloved NHS, once the envy of the world, but no longer, will stagger on from crisis to crisis and will remain a political bone for the hounds of Westminster to fight over, with our social services continuing their nosedive into becoming a toothless force with vulnerable adults and children paying the price, often with their lives.
But not to worry, because lessons will have been learned.

The escalation of international terrorism, the poisoning of our seas and oceans and the insatiable demand for more, more, more from the citizens of the wealthiest nations will continue, and the influence of mega rich corporations and individuals will still hold sway over our lives.
But where there is life, there is still a glimmer of hope.
Perhaps some strong and intelligent leadership will emerge from the melee, and at last begin to put the world to rights. But I shan’t be holding my breath.
Happy New Year.

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