High speed travel from Malaga

High speed travel
Renfe’s superfast AVE train

THE HIGH SPEED rail connection at Malaga is celebrating its 10th anniversary.
The AVE, which has allowed the city to connect to Madrid, is thought to have increased Malaga’s economy by €3,600 million.

According to Alfredo Duran, director of Viajeros-Servicios Comerciales Sur at Renfe, the service is used mainly for work, with 50 per cent of users of the Malaga Madrid route doing so for profesional, work or business reasons. A further 20 per cent used the line for family trips, and another 24 per cent for leisure and tourism.

Earlier this month it was announced a court has started looking into the Malaga-Seville train derailment. The Seville court has now received a police report and has asked Renfe and the Train Infrastructure Administration (Adif) to hand over the black box after 37 people were injured in the crash.

Sources say the court will ask Renfe and Adif for several reports about the train’s state before it derailed shortly after the line was reopened after flooding. The judge is also expected to ask Renfe for information on, “the influence of the weather situation as well as the content of the black box that will indicate, among other data, the speed” at which the train was travelling.

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